Is Enrollment in Original Medicare Mandatory for Supplemental Plans?

Is Enrollment in Original Medicare Mandatory for 2019 Supplemental Plans?

The answer is yes. You’re required to enroll yourself in Original Medicare before purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan.


In order to become eligible for Original Medicare Policy, you need to be above the age of 65 & also a permanent resident or citizen of the U.S. People having qualifying disabilities might also be able to participate in Medicare before celebrating their 65th birthday.


Some folks may be automatically enrolled in Part A and Part B Medicare. If you’re among these, you can expect to receive your Medicare card 90 days before you turn 65. Medicare Part A is mostly free, however, Part B needs you to pay extra premiums on a monthly basis. You can opt in or opt out of Medicare Part B coverage depending on your requirements. However, if you are interested in Medicare Supplement Plans, you need to enroll in Medicare Part A as well as Medicare Part B.


In case you aren’t eligible for automatic enrollment, you must choose any of the below mentioned enrollment periods.


IEP (also known as Initial Enrollment Period)

SEP(also known as Special Enrollment Period)

GEP (also known as General Enrollment Period)

Apply for Medigap coverage


Once enrolled in Part A & Part B Medicare, you will be able to apply for the Supplemental Coverage.


Medigap has its own rules of eligibility which vary slightly as compared to Original Medicare plan.


Medigap requires a person to be 65 or older, & enrolled in Original Medicare. People with qualifying disabilities might also be eligible before they turn 65.


However, protection of Medigap for people who’re 65 or less isn’t protected by the federal government. The insurance department of every state decided the guidelines that govern Medicare enrollees who’re under 65.


After qualifying for Medigap policy, you must locate an agency & apply for the coverage during the open enrollment period of your Medigap plan. During this time, insurance agencies won’t be able to deny you the coverage or raise the premium amount because of pre-existing health disorders.


You will be able to purchase the coverage outside the open enrollment period of Medigap, however, it’s wise to purchase it during this time, whenever possible.

After having Original Medicare plan, you will be eligible for a Medigap coverage which best meets your health care needs.