Medicare PACE: Important Things to Remember

PACE is an acronym for Program-for-All-Inclusive-Care-for-elderly. As of now, there are around 40,000 seniors enrolled in this program. It offers in-home care service for the elderly. Although it is totally optional, it can significantly help seniors requiring in-depth social & medical services.


Through PACE, a senior can have a team of dedicated and experienced people focusing on his/her health care requirements. The team is composed of a nurse, a primary care doctor, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, an activity coordinator, a home-care liaison, & other healthcare providers. They work along with the seniors and their family members for ensuring the care received is superior.


The program may require a senior to appoint a doctor preferred by PACE since the doctor is trained particularly for comprehensive medical requirements & helping the senior make crucial health care choices.


What is Covered?


PACE tends to cover different services, some of which are listed below:


Day primary-care for adults

Hospital care

Emergency care


Home service

X-Ray and lab services

Occupational therapy

Physical therapy

Recreational therapy



Income Limits:


The financial situation, as well as the qualification of an elderly for Medicaid, decides what he/she pays for PACE. In case the senior qualifies for Medicaid, then they don’t need to pay the premiums when it comes to long-term care portion of this program. But, in case a senior doesn’t qualify for Medicaid but has participated in a Medicare program, then they’ll need to pay the premium along with the prescription drug coverage premium.

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The thing that sets PACE apart is you won’t need to pay the deductible/copayment for services, care or medications prescribed by your health-care team. All of these will be covered by PACE as long as you’re eligible.


Eligibility Criteria:


A person is eligible for this program if he is:


Above the age of 55

Able to safely reside in a community surrounding

Requires a nursing care at home

Resides in the service location of this program


In case you fail to qualify for this program but want to have your deductibles & copayments covered, no worries. You can still get these covered by participating in a Medigap plan.


A 2020 Medicare Supplement Plan can help you cover some costs which are not covered by your Medicare plan. Besides, it can cover any deductibles or copayments on your behalf. This can be an ideal choice for those requiring multiple health care services.